May 16, 2024

Google Rolls Out New ‘Web’ Filter For Search Results

Google Rolls Out New ‘Web’ Filter For Search Results

What's New?

Google has added a new “Web” filter to its search results, allowing users to view only text-based webpage links. This new filter caters to searchers who prefer a stripped-down, simplified view of search results.

Simplified Search Experience

The “Web” filter, rolling out globally over the next two days, addresses the demand for a more straightforward search experience. It’s particularly useful for users looking for longer-form text documents or those using devices with limited internet access.

A Throwback to Simpler Times

According to Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, the new functionality is reminiscent of earlier days when search results primarily consisted of website links. Now, with the influx of rich media such as images, videos, and shopping ads, this filter offers a return to a simpler search experience.

How It Works

On mobile devices, the “Web” filter will be displayed alongside other filter options like “Images” and “News.”
Desktop users may need to select “More” to access the “Web” filter if Google’s systems don’t automatically surface it based on the search query.

Google Rolls Out New ‘Web’ Filter For Search Results

About Google Search Filters

Google’s search filters allow users to narrow down search results by type. The filter options are dynamically generated based on the search query and what Google’s systems determine to be most relevant.

Exploring Further

The “All Filters” option provides access to additional filters not shown automatically.
Google also displays “Topics” alongside filters – suggested related terms that can refine or expand a user’s original query into new areas of exploration.