Shubham Bhuyat

Case overview

Shubham Bhuyat, a sustainable tote bag manufacturer, had a unique and eco-friendly product but lacked a strong online presence. Through Digital AdAge’s comprehensive digital marketing strategies, they not only amplified their brand visibility but also saw a significant boost in sales.

The Brief

Shubham Bhuyat had a vision: to offer customized, eco-friendly tote bags that are not only stylish but also sustainable. While their product was commendable, they struggled to get the word out and connect with potential bulk buyers.

Our Approach

Understanding the eco-conscious and customizable value proposition of Shubham Bhuyat’s tote bags, our primary goal was to showcase this uniqueness. We started by setting up and optimizing their social media profiles to ensure a cohesive brand message. Using high-quality photography and videography, we captured the essence of their products, and the reels we created added a dynamic touch, showing off the bags in various settings. Recognizing the potential for bulk orders, we facilitated a partnership with IndiaMART, a leading B2B portal, ensuring they reach retailers and businesses looking for sustainable packaging solutions.

The Results

Through our dedicated efforts at Digital AdAge, Shubham Bhuyat didn’t just become another name in the sustainable fashion market. They emerged as a brand synonymous with quality, sustainability, and innovation. With the right digital strategy, they reached the hearts (and shopping carts) of many, paving the way for a brighter, greener future.


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