February 7, 2024

Amazon Non-Endemic Display What Is It & Why Should You Care

Amazon Non-Endemic Display What Is It & Why Should You Care


While Amazon has long been synonymous with online retail, its foray into lead generation sectors is creating new avenues for non-Amazon sellers. This article delves into the intricacies of Amazon’s non-endemic advertising, providing insights on setting up ads, navigating audience targeting, and understanding the transformative impact on advertising strategies.

Amazon's Non-Endemic Ads Unveiled

Amazon’s non-endemic advertising extends opportunities to businesses not directly selling on the platform, including lead generation advertisers. Despite being in its beta phase, this channel opens doors for various sectors, such as Travel, Automotive, Local Services, Restaurants, and Education.

Audience Targeting and Bidding

Advertisers can set bids at the audience level, combining them with creative assets at the campaign level. The targeting operates on an “or” basis, allowing for broader reach. Advertisers can bid on multiple audiences within a campaign, broadening their targeting scope.

Market Share Preview

Amazon provides a market share preview, offering a clear picture of the potential market reach. This metric aids advertisers in making informed decisions about audience selection and bid levels.

Amazon Non-Endemic Display What Is It & Why Should You Care

Placement and Payment Models

Ads appear not only on Amazon but also across its third-party network, including platforms like Twitch and IMDB. Advertisers can choose between cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (vCPM) payment models based on their campaign goals.

Location Targeting

While location targeting on Amazon is currently limited, advertisers can still target individuals, cities, states, or entire countries. This service is currently exclusive to the US market.

The Intriguing Aspects of This Channel

Amazon’s non-endemic advertising presents intriguing aspects for brands accustomed to other advertising channels. Its strength lies in robust audience targeting that prioritizes privacy compliance. The platform provides detailed insights into audience behaviors without compromising individual privacy, focusing on comprehensive group characteristics.

Unique Approach to Audience Insights

Amazon’s approach involves understanding audience behaviors based on product views, interactions with Amazon technologies, and purchasing patterns. This approach stands out from Google Ads and Meta Ads, ensuring more accurate sector labeling and targeting.

Incremental Advertising Strategy

Consider Amazon ads as part of an incremental advertising strategy. It offers a unique platform for experimental campaigns, particularly for those looking to balance spending on visual content campaigns and target audiences more strategically.

Setting Up Amazon Campaigns

Setting up Amazon campaigns involves a straightforward process once the mandatory verification is complete. The campaign preparation includes selecting audiences, creating ads, and understanding the limitations of the platform.

Verification Process

Clearing the verification process is the first crucial step in setting up an Amazon campaign. This process ensures the credibility of advertisers and protects both advertisers and consumers.

Audience Selection and Ad Creation

Choosing the target audience and creating ads are pivotal steps. Advertisers can use Shutterstock images or upload their own creative elements. Text crafting is limited to 90 characters, similar to a Google Display headline.

Campaign Goals and Bidding

Campaigns can be tailored to target leads, views, or clicks, influencing the choice between CPC or vCPM. Advertisers need to consider their campaign goals and opt for the payment model that aligns with their objectives.

Why Non-Amazon Sellers Should Embrace Amazon Ads

Amazon’s non-endemic display advertising offers significant opportunities for non-Amazon sellers. Despite the current limitations to display formats, this channel provides a robust platform for reaching specific and sometimes elusive audience segments.

Opportunities in Automotive and Local Services

The most promising opportunities lie in the automotive sector, especially with Amazon Garage integration, and local services leveraging Amazon’s insights into product purchasing patterns.

Accessible Auction Prices and Robust Targeting

With accessible auction prices and robust targeting capabilities, Amazon’s non-endemic display is a valuable addition to testing budgets for non-Amazon sellers.


As Amazon’s non-endemic advertising channel evolves, non-Amazon sellers have a golden opportunity to tap into a vast audience pool. Embracing Amazon ads offers a unique avenue for reaching specific audience segments, making it a strategic addition to diversified advertising portfolios. Stay tuned for updates, as Amazon continues to roll out new features and information for non-endemic advertisers.