How has Influencer Marketing Revolutionized the Advertising Industry

Social media platforms provide a space for marketers to reach out to a larger audience for their product or service through advertisements.  And now influencer marketing has become one of the most important tools to achieve great marketing results and it has completely revolutionized the advertisement industry. People trust recommendations from influencers who are industry experts within a specific niche.  As we know influencer marketing today was almost non-existent just a few years ago but now there is an explosion in the field and brands are asking how they can benefit from it.

Advertisement is the act of making a product or service information available to a large audience so that right buying decisions can be taken but the problem with traditional advertising was that it targeted large group of consumers, but the best way now a days by which information about product or service is made available to target or desired consumer only comes under influencer marketing.  It is a type of social media marketing that involves endorsements and placement of products from influencers or key leaders to drive a brand’s message to a larger market of specific interest. These influencers have vast followers because of their years of expertise in the area and they easily influence potential buyers of a product or service on their personal social channel.  Advertisement agencies/brands understand the true power of influencer marketing now and how it can be leveraged for great marketing results. 

Influencers marketing possess under mentioned important key point that have changed the total scenario and has brought massive revolution in the field  

Authenticity and trustworthiness are the first key required for influencers to keep for building influence on people, they know people look up to them, and if they aren’t authentic, people won’t trust them.  The only way to become a real influencer is therefore being authentic and trustworthy.

– They must have leadership quality to have influence over people so that they look up to them for better buying decisions.

Influencers build relationship, relationship equals influence, because when you build solid relationships with people you also build trust.  Moreover, the only way to build successful and sustainable relationships is to make them mutually beneficial. Build a strong and true relationship with your audience.  This is the foundation for all successful influencers, because if the audience feels like they are being used, they will leave the influencer.

– Influencers makes marketing so useful.  As they know in order to succeed with marketing they need to focus on providing value.  They need to have a value proposition that attracts people.

– There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics.  All you have to do is to find them.  With that said, it goes to show just how powerful and effective these can be if they are leveraged in marketing.

– People don’t trust traditional or conventional advertising methods anymore. Now, they trust the recommendations from influencers. People no longer listen to celebrities to the same extent they did back in the days.  As they get value from them, they don’t get misguided or misled. They are shown right options to choose as these options are backed by proper research and data.

– Marketers previously treated influencer marketing as an experimental strategy, and failed to capture its true value.  But with the time passing by influencer marketing statistics have been far better than all marketers understood and it emerged as a potential element to attract buyers.  Marketers can understand that the social media landscape is quickly evolving, and it will leave them behind their competitor and peers if they do not start adopting influencer marketing to promote their sales.

– The new era of marketing and service in which brand is defined by those who experience it       i.e.  influencer marketing. It is totally the people’s trust.  People don’t trust the words of brands anymore   i.e. traditional advertising methods, because they know that everything they will say will be said to help them sell more.   Social media influencers on the other hand, don’t have the same agenda, and studies have found that they feel responsibility in guiding their peers in buying decisions.  Social media has given everyone a voice or platform to give their views or expertise, and social media influencer in particulars, and this is why brands need to re-evaluate their marketing strategies.

True and real influencers love people and they keep people’s best interest in mind.  It is only when you have other people’s best interest in mind then only you will be able to build influence over people because you show that you truly want people’s best , you will be able to gain people’s trust and ultimately also impact them.

– Traditional advertising is totally dependent on brand awareness while Influencer marketing is a little bit a form of advocacy but at the same time it also increases brand awareness.  Conventional advertising no longer works or is in its own reach but the power that advocacy gives is tremendous and this is an important reason why influencer marketing has proven to be as effective as you get both parts rather than one.

Brands no longer have centre stage, consumers do.  If you want to be a part of consumer conversations, you have to play by their rules. Social media is where consumers are having conversations today and one of the most impactful byproducts to emerge is that of influencer marketing.  Consumers want authentic voices and not the same old sales tricks.  Authentic content creates trust.  People are already online, be part of the conversation. Social media has changed the way brands interact with consumers by fostering an environment where consumers have immediate access to information. Through influencer marketing, people gather input about brands and products and then make purchase decisions on what they discover.

Responsibility.  Responsibility and success go hand in hand. The responsibility associated with influencers is that they have some audience, they have the power and this power should be used carefully.  How they use their power is crucial.  The influential marketing is incredibly true and emphasizes the importance of using power in the right way.  They affect and influence people’s choices, decisions and opinions.  So to the point and right kind of approach, evaluation is very much required to get desired results. In the worst case, if the power isn’t used in the right way, influencers will eventually lose their credibility and audience trust is significant in this field.

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